NO.1 Z Tools would like to use bills of materials to define a tool kit that they sell. However, they
would like the option to substitute the items in a tool kit in case some items are not available or the
customer prefers a different item. Which type of bill of materials allows for substitutions in a sales
A. A 'production bill of materials'
B. An 'assembly bill of materials'
C. A 'template bill of materials'
D. A 'sales bill of materials'
Answer: C


NO.2 Which of the following documents is the only mandatory document in the sales process?
A. Delivery
B. Quotation
C. Sales Order
D. A/R Invoice
Answer: D

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NO.3 You create a query for an approval process to check for service purchase orders over 3000 in
value. When you test the approval process you get an error from the query. What is wrong with this
SELECT distinct 'true' FROM OPOR T0 WHERE $[3.0.0] = 'S' AND $[29.0.number] > 3000
A. You need to add the table name OPOR to the condition to reference the fields.
B. You should not use the 'distinct true' clause in this type of query since only a single value is
C. The service type 'S' is not part of the purchase order table therefore you need to refer to it using
the table and field name.
D. To refer to a field in the active window, an additional ' $' character is required before the index
Answer: D

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NO.4 What is recommended for helping the controller manage the company's cash flow?
Please choose the correct answer.
A. The budget module and the cost accounting.
B. The inventory audit report and the internal reconciliation process.
C. Profit and loss and the general ledger.
D. Customer receivables aging and the dunning process.
Answer: D



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